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Sumy is the city of opportunities

The city of Sumy is located in the north-eastern part of Ukraine and is the administrative center of the Sumy Oblast. The city was founded in 1655.

The area of the city is 95.38 km2, the urban population is about 265 thousand people.

The distance to the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is 366 km. The city has rail, road and air (in the mode of private flights) services.

Sumy is famous for its high level of scientific and human potential.

The city has a whole network of modern higher education and vocational schools, in which more than 30 thousand students from more than 50 countries study. This means that every year the city receives a significant number of young professional personnel who are ready to work in various industries: industry, construction, finance and banking, agribusiness, commerce and education, and IT.

There are about 200 cultural heritage buildings on the territory of the city, including 97 monuments of architecture and urban planning.

To meet the cultural needs of residents and guests of the city, there are 2 theaters, a philharmonic society, a municipal gallery, 9 cultural centers, 3 museums in Sumy. More than 5 international festivals are annually held in the city of Sumy, the most striking of which is the International Festival of Brass Music "Surmy of Ukraine".

There are 222 sports facilities, including: 4 stadiums, 74 gyms, 8 swimming pools, 138 plane sports facilities, 22 sports children and youth schools in the city of Sumy.

Sumy has long been known as an industrial city, because for many years powerful machine-building enterprises and chemical industry enterprises were the largest employers and budget-forming enterprises. The share of Sumy in the regional volume of sales is over 50%.

A number of successful modern enterprises are operating in the city including enterprises with foreign capital, whose products are known far beyond the borders of not only the city, but also the country.

Sumy has a number of competitive advantages:

This is a powerful industrial scientific and human potential that ensures the production of competitive world-class goods. In addition, we have no administrative barriers, and the city has a high level of government transparency. We would like to notice that over the past 3 years, the city has been assigned a rating at the level of "high investment attractiveness" (invA-) and a credit rating at the level of "stable" (uaA-) has been confirmed.

The city is always open to mutually beneficial cooperation, in particular in the direction of attracting investment in the economy for the development of the city.



Potential fields of cooperation:

  • advanced training for local government officials, exchange of best practices
  • student and academic exchanges 
  • participation in specialized exhibitions
  • exchange of good practices in the realms of housing and municipal economy
  • realization of projects in the realms of energy efficiency and environmental protection
  • participation in programs of international technical assistance
  • cultural exchanges (participation in festivals or EU-funded projects)
  • participation in sport competitions (football, indoor hockey, athletics, biathlon and basketball)

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Adress: Sumy City Council

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